My Current Favorite Workout: Pure Barre


Pure Barre is an exercise class that utilizes the ballet barre and other props to perform small isometric movements targeting certain areas of the body, resulting in a total body workout. It creates long, lean muscles and it strengthens the core. Now don't let the name fool you. This class is not about dancing, and no dance experience is required. Pure Barre is all about strength training, but mostly without the weights! In Pure Barre they encourage you to use your own body to push your muscles to the limit with the small, pulsing movements. The results are almost immediate, but almost guaranteed after 10 classes. Pure Barre also increases flexibility. After 10 years I can do my splits again! That made me sound very old...

I first learned about Pure Barre through my friend Jessie. We went to Miami one weekend and her body looked absolutely amazing, and we could not stop commenting on her butt. I needed to know what she was doing!

Each class is 55 minutes and its non-stop. Typically each work out begins with a warm up session followed by light weights to work the arms. Then everyone moves to the barre to work out the thighs and the "seat"- which is your butt, aka most important. After this comes abs, usually utilizing the barre and resistance bands. Finally, there is a cool down session where you feel happy, energized and accomplished!

Did I mention the music is amazing? And you can wear really cute clothes. 

The first class is hard. The second class, for me, was even harder. I know it sounds backwards, but the first class I was focusing on keeping up and I didn't necessarily have the correct technique. Each class after that I better understood the progression of the movements, and I can focus more on having the correct technique in order to really maximize my work out. My first class I did not sweat. My 2nd and 3rd I was drenched! Do not be alarmed if you get the "shakes", this is universally considered a good thing in the Pure Barre room.

I like to get the open barre deal, which is unlimited classes for 4 weeks at a time. There is a special for healthcare providers and nurses so make sure to ask about it if you're interested! The financial commitment really motivates me, personally. I will calculate how much I am paying per class and then go more frequently if I think I'm not getting my money's worth! 

Side note: Pure Barre is pricey. An alternative way to work out that is COMPLETELY FREE, and something that I highly recommend prior to starting Pure Barre classes is POP PILATES by Cassey Ho on YouTube. I swear this woman is the reason I am able to get through class at Pure Barre!