Why I Stopped Using Lash Boost For Good

Really, this time. I promise.

You may have read my first blog post about Rodan + Fields Lash Boost titled “Why I Stopped Using Lash Boost”. While some were pleased to learn (at the end of the article) that I was in fact still using it after a short discontinuation, some were likely frustrated and may have even called the post “click bait”. Okay, some actually did call it that in some way or another in the comments section. However, I was pleased to learn that most people found the article extremely helpful.

Regardless of how readers felt, the point of the article was to not only convey my own concerns and frustrations, but also to relay the fact that I gave the product the benefit of the doubt. I gave it another try.

At that time I discontinued using it because I was noticing increased darkness under my eyes. With more careful application that issue resolved for me. However, a few months after re-starting it I had trouble falling asleep due to dry eyes. I would wake up in the morning with dry eyes as well. It started to become something that I was aware of throughout the day, and it really concerned me. I had heard about others who developed chronic dry eye from the product. I do not wear contact lenses and I could not attribute the sudden issue to any medications I was taking. I had never had this problem before. The only rational explanation was the Lash Boost.

So I finally stopped using it once and for all. My eyelashes are back to their normal length, and I must admit, I miss my long, dramatic lashes.

I tried to find an eyelash serum that does not contain isopropyl cloprostenate, the prostaglandin analog that many of those adverse side effects are likely contributed to. I only found one product by Jan Marini. I will be honest, I did not use it consistently. I was afraid to put anything on my lashes!

After my initial post about Lash Boost Rodan + Fields was actually hit with a law suit. That was no surprise to me. I am thankful that I did not develop more serious issues from the product.

Unfortunately, I am still dealing with dry eye. Fortunately, not consistently. I have yet to see an ophthalmologist because I am a healthcare professional i.e. the worst patient ever, but I do plan to some time soon.

Let me know if you experienced any problems with Lash Boost in the comments section!