Jaanuu Scrubs Hudson Collection Review

When Jaanuu Scrubs reached out to me to try out their new Hudson Collection of scrubs it could not have been a more appropriate time. Well really, any time they reach out to me with free scrubs I do a little happy dance because they are the most stylish in the game. But summer was full swing here in Florida, and I was struggling with finding clothes for work that would keep me cool. The Hudson Collection boasts “fluid, drapey sillhouettes” and an “airy softness with optimal mobility”.


These scrubs are just that. Incredibly soft, lightweight, and comfortable. Which I must say contrasts with my first scrubs that I tried from Jaanuu - which are all fashion with little comfort. But while every piece of clothing has it’s purpose and it’s season, this collection fits it all.


The Hudson Collection includes an array of styles and colors. This one is the Zip Front Dolman Top, which features a full frontal zipper that can be adjusted by the wearer to show more or less. Assuming a more conservative approach for most… these are scrubs, mind you.


The Skinny Pull-On Pant also features zippers, however it does not run up the entire pant leg. The zipper can be closed for a more “normal” pant look, but I prefer the open look because it allows a better flow with the transition from pant to shoe. Plus, it’s a unique look that I haven’t seen before in scrub pants.


This scrub collection is available in graphite as seen above, as well as black, navy blue, royal blue, ceil blue, and white.

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