Medelita Rebecca Slim Fit Lab Coat

It’s no secret that Medelita lab coats are my absolute favorite. My office provides me exactly 11 embroidered lab coats (why 11 I have no idea) from a company that I won’t name, but those 11 lab coats essentially hang in my office taking up space. They’re baggy, wrinkled, and they have threads hanging out of them. I only wear them when my Medelita coats need to be cleaned.


As much as I love my O.G. Medelita lab coat, the Ellody Petite, the Rebecca Slim Fit is equally impressive. It fits like a glove. It keeps me warm when the office is freezing, yet somehow the moisture wicking fabric keeps me cool when I am doing procedures and it gets a little stuffy in the exam room.


Some may call me a lab coat snob. But let me explain.

It’s important to me that my lab coat fits me well and looks sharp and clean. I’m only 5’2”, and although I just turned 30, I look fairly young. The last thing I want is a coat that swallows me and makes me look like a child. Unfortunately first appearances can have an affect on patients’ level of trust. Of course competency and professionalism can win them over. But I prefer to have everything working for me, and nothing against me.

You may ask, why even wear a lab coat? On the first day of my very first job as a new grad PA in family medicine my supervising physician told me to put on my lab coat. She told me patients will think I’m a student if I don’t. That lab coat was way too big, and I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it for the reasons stated above, so I got it altered and started wearing it. And that always stuck with me.

I also don’t want patients to confuse me for a medical assistant, especially because I often wear scrubs in the office. The name ‘physician assistant’ can elicit enough confusion anyway.

Did you know that a recent study in BMJ showed that professional attire can affect patients’ trust and overall satisfaction? They preferred the lab coat.


The Medelita Rebecca Slim Fit makes me feel confident, and that translates to better patient care and patient satisfaction.

Oh, and did I mention the M3 lab coats (which includes the Rebecca Slim Fit) are water and stain resistant? The fabric literally repels water, fluids and stains! Check out my coffee #MedelitaSpillChallenge below!

Click here to shop and use my code ‘POLISHEDPA3’ for 30% off your Medelita purchase. Mine is a size 0 and it was sent to me complimentary with embroidery, but the next one that I order I will go up to a size 4 to give myself more arm space. Keep in mind you can try it on at home and return it free of charge if the size doesn’t work out!