Jaanuu Scrub Review

I've called out the most comfortable scrubs I've ever worn before, and I've called out the best quality scrubs I've come across as well. While these Jaanuu scrubs are both comfortable and high quality, they win a different category: style. These scrubs scream: "I'm not a regular healthcare professional, I'm a cool healthcare professional". 


I mean, look at the gold zippers. These are simply gorgeous. And I feel they are super stylish without being gaudy. 

Top: The Biker Top

Bottom: The Skinny Cargo Pant



Now there are so many other styles to choose from, and you can mix & match tops & bottoms. My pants are a size small, however next time I would either go for XS or purchase a pair form the 'petite' collection because I had to really hike these up so the crotch would't be low. Not pictured: the pants have belt loops! For reference, I'm 5'2". 



Lab coat: Medelita Ellody Petite (use my code 'POLISHEDPA3' for 25% off)

Shoes: Women's Kona Wide Width Backless Loafer Mules


I received these scrubs complimentary by Jaanuu! 


Medelita Element Scrubs

I know I often post my white coat style, but can we take a moment to appreciate scrubs? And I don't mean those sea green hospital scrubs that are like literally swimming in the sea because they're so big and shapeless!

Medelita brand was founded by a female physician assistant who was tired of sacrificing style while practicing medicine. Why can't we have both? Featured here are scrubs from the Element collection.

Top: Horizon Scrub Top

Bottom: Argon Scrub Pants


It can be difficult to pick your correct scrub style. I'm petite (5'2") but I have hips and thighs, and I don't want my pants to be too tight but I can't have them dragging either! I chose a 'small' top and 'small' bottom. There's definitely some wiggle room, especially the top, so my next pair will be XS for both. And there will be a next pair- NEED these in black! Keep in mind there is a Home Try On Program that allows free shipping and free returns so you can find the size that fits you best! You simply order two sizes, try them on, and return the size that doesn't fit.