A Review of Hylamide HA Blur by Deciem

After reading many positive reviews I had to give this Deciem Hylamide product a try. Deciem is the same company that makes The Ordinary products, and I liked the few that I have tried. This is called a “finisher”, but the description of the product indicates many other ways that it can be used. The overall effect should be a “blurring” of imperfections for a flawless finished look.

The difference between this and your typical silicone finisher is that it uses a powder form of hyaluronic acid to create a blurring effect. Supposedly, this is the reason why it works so well with different foundations. I am a big fan of hyaluronic acid, so I had to see what this product was like. But the consistency is nothing different than that silicone feel- very thick and plastic-y. Its main ingredient is caprylyl methicone, which is a silicone.

I have tried using it a few different ways: as a primer, as a finisher, and mixed in with my foundation. Whichever way I use it, I apply a thin layer to one area at a time with my fingers. In the area that I really want to achieve that “blurred” effect I like to apply it on top of my foundation. For reduction of the appearance of pores I apply this over my nose and cheeks before I apply foundation. Under my eyes I switch it up; sometimes I apply it before concealer/foundation and sometimes after. I have also tried simply mixing it with my foundation and applying it all over.

I’m currently applying it on top of my foundation on my chin (where I have raised acne scars), and I apply it as a primer to all other areas.

I do notice a blurring effect on my imperfections, mainly the uneven texture of my chin, when I apply it on top. I notice a reduction in the appearance of lines under my eyes when I apply it before concealer and foundation.

As far as my pores, its fair. I love Benefit Porefessional primer more though.

One thing that’s very important is that this is applied BEFORE any powders. Otherwise it will ball up and peel. The instructions do explicitly say to use it before powders. I do notice that it can also ball up and peel if I use too much, or if I go back and try to add more foundation afterward. I can usually use my beauty blender to smooth it out if that does happen.

I have seen a noticeable difference in my overall complexion in photos after using this product. Imperfections are less noticeable, and it gives me a nice matte look while still maintaining a hydrated glow. For $19 I think it’s worth trying. I have been using it daily and overall I do like this product, so I will probably repurchase in the future. I have linked the product below!