Lash Boost Before & After

So I made a Lash Boost Before & After 12 weeks of use and I wanted to share it to follow up on my previous post (if you haven't already read it- spoiler alert, I am totally using Lash Boost!)

lash boost.JPG

Not sure why it looks like I got botox for my crow's feet and fillers for my under eye bags, I totally didn't! Good lighting and makeup I suppose! I'm wearing mascara in both of these photos. I'm loving my Lash Boost! It's more affordable than lash extensions ($130-$150 for 1 tube and so far it has lasted me almost 4 months). It literally takes no time (no doctor's appointment to get prescription Latisse, no esthetician appointment to get extensions which can take hours and requires maintenance appointments every 3-4 weeks). I wash my face like I normally would and I apply mascara like I normally would. I order it from my computer or my phone and it delivers straight to my house. It doesn't get much better!

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